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Speaking Experience and Appearances

I have been very lucky to speak all over the globe for over 10 years now at some fantastic events large and small. 2018 was a busy year speaking and 2019 is looking just the same! Below are some great testimonials from event organisers that will give you an idea of what you will get if you invite me to speak. Here are some events you can see me at in the coming months:


I am also known for being one of the best moderators out there (references available) and have looked after some amazing conferences. The key to moderating is making sure the day runs on time, you know your speakers, you run great Q+A and you keep the audience engaged over the day and ultimately have some fun and entertain!


It is one thing me saying it but it is always great to hear what the conferences organisers think of you too:

"Jon is one of the most engaging & entertaining speakers out there. There aren't many speakers that can strike the perfect balance between in-depth content and fun in their presentations, but Jon achieves this time and time again. I'm always confident of him being one of the highest rated speakers at our events. Inviting Jon to speak is a "no-brainer" for anyone who is running a digital marketing conference."

Mark Scully – Founder of LearnInbound 

“Some speakers are experts in their field, some speakers are superb communicators; the best speakers are often both - and Jon fits that category. Energetic, engaging and empathetic on the stage - whether presenting or moderating - Jon cares about ensuring the audience walks away entertained and better educated. From a conference organisers perspective, he’s also a pro to deal with”.

Brian Corcoran – Founder of TuringFest 

I was lucky and honoured that Jon would agree to be the MC of The Inbounder on two occasions. And luck is the correct term: few people, in fact, have the ability that Jon has to present a conference on digital marketing with the same degree of knowledge of the subject and preparation but, at the same time, ability to entertain the public and manage the classic "unexpected" setbacks, which every conference experiences.

Gianluca Fiorelli – Founder of The Inbounder Global 

2019 will be our 4th edition of SearchLeeds and Jon will have spoken at 3 of them. We keep bringing him back because he’s got a knack for spotting what people will want to hear about well in advance and for making even very complex topics accessible to marketers with a wide range of experience. Plus he’s a lot of fun, which helps.

Stephen Kenwright - Sales & Marketing Director at Edit and Chair of Search Leeds

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